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Pandache™ (Pan-dah’-chā)

Distinctive Hand-made Scarves and Hats

Our handcrafted scarves and hats are made using the old-fashioned, traditional methods and artistry of our great grandmothers from the mountains of Chihuahua. We craft one scarf, one hat at a time combining beautiful materials with durable hand woven yarns and unique designs.

Imagine the look of a feather boa—a touch of classic distinction and style, but much more versatile—dress up, dress down, whatever suits your mood. Create your own look from our 4 distinct yet compatible styles. Wear them alone or mix and match for different looks.

Some of our Products

Fashions from our Original Pandache Collection View all our Products
  • Puave Collection Latte Scarf

  • Latte Hat with Plum Flower

  • Palos Collection Plum Scarf